Weird notifications from community topics

Hi guys i am not sure actually where to post a community bug so i am posting here

I am getting some weird notifications from topics which are not mine, i am not watching the topic, no one even pinged me and they also did not link to any of my topic.
So what is this weird notification is this a bug ? if not then what is it.

Yes me too received such notification from few min ago onwards… what could be the reason? Either mod or staff can clarify this

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Addition : till now both the notification came from a single person’s topics

That’s because anyone can send a topic to a member to notify them by pressing “Share” button at the bottom of the topic. Surprisingly, this is the first time I’ve seen this feature used by a member (who is @Mrzaki - Please don’t notify people for random topics)


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I am not sure why it exists but its quite irritating to notify for every topic he make. can staff restrict this feature to regular or higher?

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