What about Kodular Starter?

As you know, now Kodular allows testing apps without being connected to the same WiFi network
So, now a question appeared:

Is Kodular Starter necessary for you?

  • :-1: Nah, it’s not needed for me
  • :+1: Yeah, I would still like to use it

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Also, have you ever used it?

  • :+1: Yes, I have used it when developing apps
  • :-1: Nope, never used it

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İ think using companion with mobil data is sometimes may be expensive. But new update very good for using pc with ethernet and phone with wifi internet shared by that pc. And some people who can not share wifi from pc or have not wifi router in their home may use starter with usb for live testing. Thank you

i think a great bomus is that , you can say to your friend, hey lets tet this. You send him the code and he can test you app, without install the app and config the apk that he can see that what you want to show him. If you have different screens and you want to show him some things but your apk is not finished config, normaly you send him a apk, but the apk need to be finished, that you can look at all things, in the builder you click on it what you want and you see it.

Why even staffs voted to no? I still required it because I don’t use a broadband. And hope many of us need it. It’s still important.

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Because we are humans too.
And everyone can vote for what he want.
No need to talk about the “why” .


But it think only kodular users are using it? And staffs keeps making kodular better? Just a question.

So a example:
You mean a inventor of a car, can not use cars because he is the inventor?



Do staffs really needs a vote from users or staffs itself? Btw thank you for letting me understand.

We are persons too. :sweat_smile:


Hi @Mika,

found an image of you coding


I now understand, a vote from staffs is more important to improve kodular, thanks again.

And now you know who write answers here :sweat_smile:

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