What are screens needed for?

Hey guys,

I know this is probably a stupid question but what is the need for more than one screen? Why not just use vertical arrangements. Do screens provide any benefit I am unaware off.

Thanks for any answers, just curious.

Read this, maybe help !!!

Edit: The only benefit that I see is that if you are a beginner you do not have all the blocks in one or two screens, but in many.
Too many blocks on a single screen can confuse more than one.


i say that use arrangments.
dont use screens it becomes difficult to call variables and many invisible components

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You are right at some point. Using arrangements other than bunch of screens is so much better. However, using too much arrangements might uses a lot of memory, even if it is not visible. When you’re making huge apps, you might want to create a new screen for better performance (Of course, you will have to close the previous screen properly).

I would say 1 - 4 screens is acceptable.


but i always think 7-8 is ok.almost right @WatermelonIce even if ur ui is heavy for all screens so it will take space and memory.

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Did you see my reminder?

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