What blocks to use?

Hi All

I’m returning a value from a php as you can see 92 onto a page

question is what blocks do I use to bring the value into my app

Its not json and text doesnt work??



enough to use this, i hope so


if i use the above url it returned 0 (zero) in my app

yes, I also get a zero but its not.

it should be 92

If you type the full url in the browser you will get 92???

then why dont you use the same in web url?

sorry I dont understand what you mean?



yes, so the question is how to get 92 into the app?

use thi


let me try

Nope. Still getting zero.

I see the arrows and i changed my url. So i get 92 but the question still remains.

Hiw to pull that 92 back into the app. I see your blocks , mine look the same but i still get ZERO in the app but 92 on the page

. So frustrating.

Hi Dora, i realy did try to search and honestly could find anything and the things that came up were close but didnt exactly answer my needs.

Please dont suspend me. Ive been working on the same app for over 2 years and i do need to finish it.


If your URL have the word reg_start then it return zero, instead if you remodified into start then you will get 92. That’s what I mentioned in the above post. See the red mark


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