What do i wrong with firebase data changed block

Hello people i need help i worked on the chat since a few days and i dont know how to get the chats from other people in the chat view. if i send my msg will be stored in firebase and show the text with name and time in the chat view, Here are my blocks. I downloaded the app 2 times with different usernames on different phones but all i get is my msg that is sent to firebase. Look what i have done.

i think the problem is in the data changed block this block works only one time if i send a data to firebase. But if another user send a data i dont get the msg. normaly the data changed block should do his work but he do not. Why and what can i do now.

Hope for some help it took me a few days but i am too stupid to bring this to work dont now what to do.

Take a look at this project by @Diego:

this is not a firebase chat what should i do with that this is a php chat. i dont work with that and i know all threads from this forum thank you there is no help for me there.

I know it’s not Firebase chat but take a look at it’s blocks and see how it works, maybe you will find a way to solve your problem. :wink:
Also, there are a lot of tutorials on the YouTube related to this, go and check them out.

thank no all this videos i havve been looking for they dontr work with a chat viev so you cant do the same things. they store the chat msg from the label where that chat s displaying. this is not possible with the chat view Believe me i looking for this since a week or so. But nothing will work. all this videos from mxextrem and all other poeple dont help me. and this what you show me does not help me too. I cannot work with php and firefox. There is nothing how i can look.

i need a help how to get the data in my if another user changed the database. Because in my app you can change the database and the block does not work only if you sent some data to the server than the block works.

But you can tell me how this works if you mean there you can see how it works, i am not. i dont see how the php scipt can work with firebase. or i can use some practicle things from the scipt. I dont know any programming lanbguage. so i dont know what they mean

I will show you an example with Firebase if I got time and my parents allowed me to access the laptop :expressionless:. But, I can’t promise anything.

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ok thank you, i hope you understand me. I have looked all youtube videos all forums. i am in appy forum in thunkable and here ´. if you look on my status i am level 3. I know i think i read 80% of each forum. And i dont find any help there or here, All chat apps are not possible to work with that because the chat view is different to a label. you cannot get the last msgs. you cannot get some other things as well. This is the problem. All chat apps works with a label. where they make a loop. They safe the ald msg and the new msg to firebase and thats the big problem. i cannot do this.

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Here you go: Chat.aia (3.7 KB)
Make sure you update the firebase details in designer properties.

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thanks very much what i dont understand my firebase data strukture is the same like yours.
I did one thing different you work with username to show a own msg or a other msg ( based on the color) and i work with click event and a virable. But on my app the block data changed does not work like in yours. in your file the block work each time when da data is changed. in my app only if i click/ store a value. And i tried it now i think 10 hours or more the last days. i dont understand it because the it is nothing spektacular the different between yours and my data changed block. I say a great thank you again.

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