What do you think of this simple screen design?

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No offense, very plain. Font sizes on buttons are mixed up, one button is 30px, one 26px etc etc

Also, Jops Jobs


Do you want them all to be the same size as the line?

I do not demand anything.

Yes, it looks very unprofessional. This could be better. I think @Abdo_Saad wanted to use the whole place in the buttons and set for smaller words bigger sizes. Am I right?


Excuse me, because my English isn’t good, so sometimes I can’t express what I want.

This could be one option. The buttons could be better, too. I mean mostly the color combinations.

it looks like a puzzle on the first view and that’s not good.


from me too.

You mean it’s better to have one color button background for everyone

No, I relate to:

Simple as you mentioned. But, it’s not too bad. I’ve seen worse feats on Kodular. Try to avoid very different colors. Avoid a lot of font types and sizes.


Well, that doesn’t mean yu shouldn’t do your best. :wink:

I did not say that. Or said? Perfect ? Who gives the verdict?

I think that’s better than my first experience​:joy::joy:

I don’t mean it like this, I mean this is not an excuse to not do your best. :relaxed:

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One of the basic rules of the universe is that
Nothing Is Perfect,
perfection simply doesn’t exist…
Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.

-Stephen Hawking

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I know this, my own principle is also:

So sorry, but you misunderstood. Better now? See :point_up_2:

Do you think the first one is better or the second

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I think this one is better, bc In the last one, you had squeezed images which is always more bad than unorganized sizing. :wink:

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Yes, that’s right