ai2 offline and android studio maybe a good choice

Ive got it but thatneans a redevelopment. I dont have the time

but it puts pressure and brings the matter to a head, faster.

Alright, so you don’t have time but you got money.
So hire someone to work for you. You can find app developers on LinkedIn easily.

yeah same my project have 8k blocks now but its a thing that needs to be done eventually cuz kodular or any ai2 clone effiency is not enough

im not entirely sure if its true but probably not

if I had money, I wouldnt be doing this. I can assure you

The road is difficult then.
Apart from waiting and politely reminding Kodular Staff about issues, there are not much things one can do.

In my opinion, the error that had been occurring with AAB was not due to the demand, but rather to the configuration.
Now that it has been solved, it is more logical that it is due to saturation since everyone will be compiling.
In my case, the error only appeared twice and The third compiled without problems.

We know that there is a lack of personnel and resources, yet they are putting in all the effort. let’s be a little empathetic and patient.

@Tony_Lange throughout the week he has only made criticisms and problems, we are all in the same situation.


Compiled successfully after 4-5 error messages. I’ve uploaded the aab to play store and waiting for approval.

for me it took from 5 to 30 messages but its better then the 10 minute timeout era at least

It is true, kodular compiled successfully after 3 times with error. This situation is not the best, but I can follow working at least.

while everyone trying to compile apk ill use reverse psychology and compile aab insted and it worked
downside is you need to uninstall-reinstall unless you have root

I have the same problem. After 5 attempts it compiled…but I think that must not be good for the server resources

i have de same issue, about 1 month ago, at first just was to slow to compile (and stil happen) , now show message “the build server in not compatible with this version of kodular”… and i added just a label to the view

When i try to export to APK it show “The build server is not compitable with this version of Kodular”

Can anyone explain this? I check the Kodular status but build server is still online.

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That’s right, I get the same thing, you’re not the only one.

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I am experiencing a similar response from the server. Generation of APK files

has been slow in recent days.

i can’t compile my app about 1 month ago, i’m also a premium user, but there is no support, now show a message “the built server is not compatible with this version of kodular”. can anybody answer what is going on with the service

Minor? How many times is retry is not minor inconvenience? 10? 20? 100? Kodular used to work so fo rme it was logical to pay premium but lately it become useless because of all errors… sad… :frowning:


I would have you acknowledge that it was I who brought this problem to light and to everyoneS attention like Ive done with almost every other problem so perhaps instead of picking me out, you should be THANKING ME!