What happened to Kodular Docs?

Some of Kodular docs are existing, but most of them are not.
What happened to Kodular Docs and where can I find information about components?

I know most of components are same as Thunkable or App Inventor, but some components are only available in Kodular.


The staff and other member are trying hard to update the Kodular docs on regular basis. But everyone works in their free time here. The work of updating them is in progress
(as you can see them here :point_right: Overview of Components - Kodular Docs) and will soon be updated successfully. Patience is expected from your side.

To find the information related to components and their related blocks, then in blocks section, you can hover upon the related blocks and a pop-up will appear containing the information related to block of the desired component. An example related to Notifier and its Custom Choose Dialog block is shown :point_down:

Hope I was able to answer your questions satisfactorily. :slight_smile:

Happy Koding :+1:


Adding to @Vaibhav’s word-by-word perfect answer, even you can contribute to make it better, here :grinning:

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The AI's not yet updated

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