What if there is no Companion for live testing?

What would you do if there is no Companion?
What about the UI of your apps?
What about the little bugs in your apps?
How much time would you spend?
Do you get frustrated because you have to compile app every time?
Do you leave Kodular?

Just Think…
Thank You… Kodular…

I am an mobile user.i have no comapanion.so what i need to daily export too many time my apk to test


@msr79526 Please share your experiences
Why are you not using Companion


I am also a mobile user. I do 99.9% of my building/coding on my phone. This includes developing extensions.

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Companion is very good tool, it just reduces the time of development of an app

on mobile! :exploding_head:, is it a tab?

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No laptop/pc​:expressionless:

I use a Samsung Galaxy S8

In windows 10, i use Memu android emulator, is faster than Kodular companion.

I use memu too, but the connection is not stable with any device or emulator
Sadly they don´t have a desktop version with the same features or at least I don´t know it

Yo uso Memu también pero la conexión no es estable con ningún dispositivo o emulador
Es una pena que no haya versión de escritorio.

anyway i love kodular

I use the companion for simple apps or in the early stages of more complex apps. After the app becomes more and more complete, the companion takes too long to load, and every time I do a change, it try to reload again which causes it to crash. So in my case I stop using the companion and only compile the app after a number of changes. I write down all the changes I need to test in the next compilation. You can say I got used to work “blindly”.