What is a Format of List if we want it in normal text?

Hello Everyone,
I have a problem regarding the list.
i want to know that what is the format of list in text will look if my list contain 4 items and these item is

i just want to know it in list code because i want to use that code in a variable and use that variable in a block which is for each item in list.

plz help me anyone…

Hello @app_techgeeknerd
Can you be more clear with your query?

bro what is way to write a text in list format
like [“1”,“2”] (this is wrong but code look this).

i want to know this.

Ok do you mean like this? :point_down:

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yes like in variable you setted create empty list
i want to add their a list but list will be in text format.

Its the same thing. You can do a minor change if you want. See :point_down:

Or like this :point_down:


bro i used (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) as listview elements but it didnt worked and also i have a lot of list item so it is not possible for me to give a , in between all of them.

What are the list items and from where is their source?

i solved it bro thanks for the help. you helped a lot…

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