What is list viewer

Hi i made and to do list app which is an listing app in thunkable.
i want to ask what do we say the component list veiwer in kodular.

Search in Kodular Creator Components and you will get answer yourself.


i didnt got it

What @ramrajput200021 means is

The search button

Also check the documentation

List View


is list picker list veiwer

No it’s not

Here’s Your Answer

is this the component

How should we know what component you need if you don’t show how the component of Thunkable looks? You should really do some research yourself or test what you need.

Yes and you wants to add images in your list, use list view images and text component.

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thank you .

well i was thinking u would know about thunkable coz i saw u once in thunkable community well u were right i should try myself first

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