What is the app icon size

What is the app icon size. I tried 512X512, 250X250, 144X144, 110X110, 96X6, 48X48 all is field.

Both of these are perfectly valid.


boss not working my image formate png

I’m using 124x124

What’s the error? Be more specific.


What doesn’t work, it’s not possible to build the app, its not visible, etc.

Btw, what is the name you use for your icon.


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All these sizes should work, just search on Google…
48 Ă— 48 (mdpi) 72 Ă— 72 (hdpi) 96 Ă— 96 (xhdpi) 144 Ă— 144 (xxhdpi) 192 Ă— 192 (xxxhdpi) 512 Ă— 512 (Google Play store)
What do you mean by “not working” or “don’t work” ?? At least show what you’ve done in Screen1 configuration…

Good point! Having spaces may cause problems…


Thanks that was the problem i had…

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