What is the asset path in Makeroid _?

Hi, Taifun, Yusuf Cihan
Hi, All Makeroid Developers

Now i am facing problem with asset’s path in Makeroid !

With AppInventor, file:///android_asset/image30.jpg works fine, but when i compile my app with Makeroid, the image is not displayed in my phone !

Please, would you like to indicate me what is the correct asset path in Makeroid ?

Thanks in Advance !


What do you want to try?

Do you want to use a image that is stored on the assets folder?

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Hello, Mika !

Yes, Exactly i want to use one image (image30.jpg) stored in assets and display it on the Picture property of an Image component or a Button component !

If i compile my app in Makeroid, setting the Picture property of the component (image or button) to file:///android_asset/image30.jpg doesn’t work, and the image30.jpg is not displayed.

So, i wanna know What is the correct path to use, to display one picture stored in the assets, in Makeroid ?

Thanks in advance for your precious help !


Just use that for nomal apks.


Hi, Mika :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s working fine, now, with your suggestion !
I can now reach and display all the images in the assets folder.

That solves my problem !

Many Thanks, indeed !
Best Regards !


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