What is the best way to traverse this firebase data structure in Kodular

. I am trying to create a heirarchical sturcture in firebase which is shown in the image. The challenge is for instance adding the shows to a list view. The only way I have found to do that is to flatten the heirarchy and use the getTags function from the firebase component. I then use for item in but that limits the depth of the heirarchy.

I have also tried using numbers instead of strings and then I can loop through to get to the deeper elements using a for loop

I am trying to find the best way to set this up. Any help is appreciated.

Can you explain what’s the problem with this method?

It does work until you delete something then the indexes are messed up. As shown in this image, if I delete one of the numbered nodes the node numbering is then missing a number so creating a list of names from the numbered nodes creates empty entries. As you can see in this database node 1 is missing so if I create a list view in a for loop there will be an empty entry in the list.

i am using same for my project, simple way is to click on shows and it takes you to other page where you copy that firebase url and paste to firebase proprties. then use bucket function for setting buckets like casa, devonshire etc,

Do you use multiple firebase components then?

yes , i can use multiple also, but i am using single one, and changing link and bucket in blocks before calling or saving data,