What is the contradiction between these two blocks?

Left block if you start working
Clicking on the link for WhatsApp does not go to the WhatsApp application

That is, the right block is not working at that time
But it works if the left block does not precede it in action
How to solve this problem if I need the two blocks

Enable deeplinks in custom webview then u dont need right side block

deeplinks in custom webview is already enabled

Then left blocks should triggered to open whatsapp if u click whatsapp link

Each block works successfully if the other block has not worked before
Especially the WhatsApp block works successfully if the first block that works in the application is from the two blocks

How to end the effect of the left block after the end of its work, making the application as if it did not work

Remove this and try

after removing it
1-I tried the WhatsApp link and it was working
2-I tried another link that uses the block, it also works
Once you return to try the WhatsApp link, it does not complete the work and does not move to open the WhatsApp application

Which block left or right?

Then u dont need right side blocks

Right side blocks are only for whatsapp…try without right side blocks

Which block left or right?
the answer : left

But I need to go to WhatsApp through the link on my site
I don’t want to open WhatsApp inside custom webview
I want to move to the WhatsApp application itself, and this does not happen, if i Remove the right block

Thats what deeplinks does, enabling deeplinks redirects you to whatsapp app, you don’t need rightside blocks

This does not happen and does not transfer to the WhatsApp application
When this error occurs in this issue and opens WhatsApp in webview
It does not transfer to the WhatsApp application
It always appears (cannot send an empty message) does this have anything to do with it
What is the ideal html format to call the WhatsApp application and directly enter a mobile number with the intention of sending a message?



In this way, the WhatsApp application is opened only, and the specified number is not entered