What is the correct way to load interstitial ads

Geniuses pls help out!.. Is it proper to show interstitial ads before they are loaded or otherwise?

first you have to load ads and then you can show them. Your block will not going to work bcoz you are loading and showing in same click. You have to use both blocks in 2 different buttons or load ad on screen initialize and show ad on button click

Are you making an earning app? You use the term Millionaire?

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Not a Good idea! Google has clearly says that, you can’t Reserve Ads after Loading it.

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Can you plz tell the correct ways

Lol!! Never…I’m developing an educational app …Soo…there’s a book in my app titled “The Millionaire Mindset” so I just named the button "Load Millionaire Ads for ease while setting my blocks!!
Thanks for the feedback anyways:+1::+1::+1:

Set ads that do not effect normal flow of your app. That’s it.

Wow:smiley::smiley:…thanks for the reply Amit!! +::+1:

…And by the way, can u please help out with the issue??:pray::pray:

…and, what is your issue?

Never load & show ads on button click. Don’t make earning apps using kodular…

Umm…! :thinking::roll_eyes:

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What happened

Ok but what if a user have slow internet. In that case we have to load the ads and have to reserve it for some time, bcoz then user will simply go to another screen

I mean, seriously?! :neutral_face:

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I know i posted something wrong…

Ads will fail to Load… What else?

Unfortunately you are not allowed.

:+1::+1:Okay got that!!
And for y’all thinking I’m developing an earning app, its absolutely not. Its only my CS Vacation project and we’ve all been instructed not to publish them. I was only trying to put things in real situations cuzz I see some apps I download show ads when I click button so I tried it…for God’s sake, I’m only a student!

Are y’all Clear???

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You’ve to show Ads just after Loading it…

Y…Thanks a lot!!..appreciate!