What is the difference between these two?

:thinking: I have a doubt for a long time.

I am seeing a number on top right corner of every topic like this…

And I am seeing another number on bottom left corner of that topic like this…

:thinking: My doubt is that, what are those two numbers represent?


i think this number represent how much people view this topic.

If so, both the numbers should be same.
But the values are different !

I think some significant difference is there between those two numbers.

I want to know that difference.

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The first number represent how many people has viewed this post, and the second number represent how many people has viewed the whole topic (add up all the views of each post on the topic)

No, i don’t think so. I checked other topics. But they are not matching with your answer.

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Topic view count is counted by Discourse itself.

And view count at top-right is calculated by 3rd party plugin as far I know.

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Some time ago, I did a small experiment about this.

When a logged in person/member from community visit the post then it is counted in top right corner counter.

When other users/non members + community members post visit count is counted under post view counter.

That means Post views are total number of visits from all sources. (Links)

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It should be number of post views vs. number of thread views


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