What is the native app

What is native app. Can we make native app by kodular. ?

May you please elaborate your question

I think you should search this on Google

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Some one ask to me devlope app of a website. He need native app not web view.
What is mean. I develope app using kodular.

I think he is saying create a app that work like its website not such by webview and it is saying do not create the app through webview

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Simple answer is that he wanted you to create an app of its website but without webview and yes you can create it with kodular


Elaborate your question before typing topic.

What he means in simple words:-
Suppose kodular asks someone xyz to make a community app.
He then develops the app using webview i.e he doesnt create any components or stuff himself rather uses the webpage of the already existing community on the internet. This is the opposite of a native app.
What your employer/someone wants is you to create an app fom scratch that should look like and function like the webpage without using the webview

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Your client just said he want a app which works like their website like amazon have login system in website and also have it in their app with components.

Native apps are developed for specific mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android. Platform-specific language is used to build these apps. For example, (native) Android app uses Java, while iOS apps use Objective – C or Swift.

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And Kotlin

Can you create a native app for my website with footer navigation button?

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