What is the perfect resolution for splash screen image for different aspect ratio devices

i recently got new phone Honor 9 Lite and it has 18:9 aspect ration so all my previous projects splash screen image is stretched out when i open the app.

Current Resolution I am using is - 600 x 1000

Image Samples -

Original Image Before Using On Splash Screen -

Image After using splash screen -

You can see the difference in the above images.

anybody have any suggestions to solve this??

Thank You

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set the screen sizing to responsive

already set the value as Responsive.

I think the orignal size is too big the size should be 1080x1920 or 1080x2160

if i use this resolution then app is running very slow. i think there should an option like to add an splash screen where we just have to select the background color, add a title and subtitle text below logo, and the logo will be same as the app logo.

in this way we don’t have to worry about the screen resolution. everything will be adjusted according to the screen resolution.


The bad thing:
It does not exist such a option. So we can not do it in this way.


The problem is that we cannot set multiple screen density like :ldpi, mdpi, hdpi or xdpi ; indeed Makeroid is not Android Studio, so we have to work with what we’ve got.

Google consider that a xlarge screen is at least 960dp x 720dp with 320dpi
If you don’t know how to work with dp and dpi, use this formula : px = dp*(dpi /160)
Wich involve that the screen resolution for xlarge would be : 1920px x 2880px

That is all I can say.