What is the problem with the ads?


i’m using “show rewarding video when you click the button” but it shows up after 4 or 5 times of clicking the button not from the 1st time

what is the problem ?

As the Rewarded Video ads literally loads the video ads which can be quite a big in size, so it takes time to download them, depending on the network speed.

It is recommended to load the ads by using “Load Ads” block beforehand, not on button click


Can you please show us your blocks?

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i use the “Load Ad” block them “Show Ad” block

My the speed affect the ads but i’m not facing a slow network :thinking:

if the user wants to increase his score he will click the button to watch the ad first

It also depends on that whether there are any ads available to show up.

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You should place the Load Ad block under the Screen. Initialize block, or use timers.

I will check Admob docs to see what’s the best method to show ads.

There must be a event called like “Ad loaded”.
Then in this event add your load ad block.

Extending @Mika’s reply, I want to suggest you that you do the following:

Set a variable to true, when the Ad Loaded event is triggered. And check on button click that if the variable is true, then show ad, else maybe you can call Load Ad block again.

@pavi2410 why is Amout in UpperCaseCamel?! It should be amout in lowerCaseCamel

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Fixed for next update.

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