What is this, DISCOURSE?

I’m gonna be a demanding human like we all are at one point in our lifetime, dont get triggered, I just wanna know PLEASE REMOVE THIS:
I only come to the Community to help people and see the emojis. Then Discourse dumps this on my day as theres a Category 4 hurricane heading towards my state, OH NO YOU DONT.
Can you please remove this using CSS in the theme section?

for only this emoji or all emojis?

This isnt funny, my life is at stake :joy:, btw it’s for all emojis, I treat everyone equally.

Why would we remove emojis? Makes no sense to me.

Do you see the background :expressionless:

What background? I’m sorry there’s a hurricane headed your way, but it doesn’t really warrant a removal of all emojis. :man_shrugging:

The gray background on reactions, DO YOU SEE IT? THE PICTURE IN THE POST

Yeah I was thinking… Why’s it gray?

That’s what they remove, not the emojis.

I like reactions :confused: Anyway why are they grey?

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I mean remove the gray background, not the reactions.

Then why are we fighting? :joy:
Seriously though, what’s up with the gray backgrounds??

Were fighting because of the backgrounds.

Is that better?

No it was better before. :joy:

No it wasnt.

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OK, the background is now removed, but it seems it removes the CSS border: solid tag, coz it’s still has that bad, default-html border, it looks soooo bad


Conor, I figured out how to remove the border after hard studying with the buttons… It’s this culprit.

.post-retort {
    background: 0 0;
    border: none;

That’s to fix it, took me forever.

@Daniel I solved our issue :joy:


Look how handsome he looks without that ugly ugly border.


@Conor can you add this?

I think it’s better with the border.