What is this with me in kodular

Some minutes before
error was happening with me in kodular community

and now when i tried to upload a aia to kodular creator it show me cant upload and when i reload website my antivirus says me website contains virus

now everytime i am trying to login the same is happening

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I think your antivirus got it wrong and now open antivirus and add this website as trusted ,

And also not everything in this world needs a topic…


Try this, disable web shield,

I added it to trust list already :sweat_smile:
But still it is going same
Let me try other ways
But why is my website showing that

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Personal recommendation: Upgrade to Windows 10, uninstall Avast and use Windows Defender


I had upgraded
Even i have file stored in my pc
But it was taking time time after boot to show everything on the screen
So i degraded :sweat_smile:
Any solution for this

I decided to reupgrad to windows 10​:sweat_smile::grin:

:sweat_smile:Is This My Antivirus Fault