What is use of 'Make generic' feature?

If you’re in the block editor and if you right click on some blocks, there is an option called “Make generic”.

What does that do? I can’t seem to find any documentation.


It is very amazing feature…
It shows relation to the particular component which is used for calling function from component name.
For example:
Image1.picture shows that Image1 component is used and returns picture of that component.

Using this feature you can specify component and call its functions from anywhere.

Did you try to use it?

Normally when you for instance would use a button click you would use the block


But what if you have multiple buttons?

Then you could use this block in the any category

Instead of that you have to get the any block when you want the button click block changed you can now use the make generic block.

With this block you can control multiples buttons at once. A very simple example would be this.



Thank you for the replies guys! I can continue work on the app in 4 hours. I was just hoping to learn about it before I arrive at my job. I’m a helpdesk support/Jr sys admin but my non-profit is looking at an app. Kodular is the perfect tool to create it.


Hello! Welcome to Kodular Community :kodular:

This tutorial could help you a little more in using Any Component