What is wrong with this procedure?

i am getting this error can anyone tell me where is error

The extension is not accepting the full name of components currently so you need to give internal name of components that you want to create.
Look here

So try to enter the HorizontalArrangment in component name instead of giving the component.

renamed every component block but still not working
it is showing me another error
id must be unique which is unique already

It’s another issue(not related to previous). You must give different ids to every components otherwise it will show this error.
For help please post your new blocks.

every component have already different ids if you don’t believe then you can check out procedure block which i upload before

First of all, please upload your new blocks. If the I’d is unique for every components as same as in old procedure then it may possible that you are calling the procedure with same value or I’d in number variable.
May you show your full blocks…?

What is procedure font ? Maybe the error caused by this ?

updated blocks

now another error

this is ridiculous this error is really strange

As I checked your blocks image. I find these errors in your blocks.

Here I find your id wrong. You are giving global vert variable that contains the vertical arrangements’s id. You have to correct here or give here the label’s id.

And another error I find here is that

Your property name is invalid. It should be FontTypeface instead of Font Typeface.
Hope it helps.

My apologies
Second time the error was here !
thanks to everyone for great response

Kodular community is really gr8

that was also a problem

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