What is your qualification and experties and why are u koding?

I have completed graduation in Mathematics. While pursuing graduation degree, I developed an interest in programming, so I learnt Python from YouTube tutorials as it was free and best source for me and also I started exploring Kodular, Thunkable and AppyBuilder.

After completing the graduation, I learnt Android studio with Java(I joined classes for this), but as my basics in Java were not clear, it did not go well for me. So, again I started learning Flutter with the help of YouTube and now I am an intermediate developer in Flutter as well as I have learnt many Machine learning and Data analysis algorithms in Python.

Still have to learn a lot. :slight_smile:


Use online IDE to learn Android App Development. No need to install Android studio.

Modern problems require Modern solution :wink:

Ane good examples?

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Code Envy, Telerik are some good online IDE. If you want, you can learn Flutter because its easy to learn and Google itself provides Online IDE for flutter.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Video Game Design and have basic programming knowledge in JS and C# due to my use of Unity to design video games. The job prospects where I am at aren’t all that great for a game designer and so I work as a customer service rep for a small company.

Since I do have a similar background I offered to create an application for our field staff to use to track their daily checklists and allow them to submit info to the office more easily. I’m using Kodular (started with AppyBuilder) because I wanted something that a non-programmer could continue to develop if I ever leave the company I work for and then need to get someone else to come in and continue maintaining it.


About me, I am a security professional and had no any programming background but this was always field of my interest which i was unable to get alongwith… And i started koding when one of my mate asked if we can manage some of basic data which could be shared with team… And my search begun which ended to kodular platform but journey has juat begun… Long story :grin:


I am the computer technician of the government of the state of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. But in practice, what I do is the development and design of the database. I have technical training in computer science, system analysis in college and database technology in graduate school. On the program’s desktop in clipper 5 and then visual fox pro. I tried Java, but gave up … the first and only time I gave up on learning a language. I decided to make an app for school where I do the development. I started reading the App Inventor. then Thunkable and finally Makeroid. My project is a local school system and on the web and finally in the student’s app. Mysql database. PHP with Codeigniter. Visual Fox Pro 9. I’m at kodular to create the app for students. I already did. I use the web compontene, post method, php script, Json feedback and work with that feedback.
1992 graduated in computer technician
1997 in data processing.
2005 systems analysis faculty.
2009 post graduate in database


:cry: :sob: After read all comments i’m too old (48 years) :cry:
In '80 first computer of city in my house IBM burroughs 300, it was occupying half of the room.
I’m programmer, studies in 1990 languages (that I am sure you never listened) GB Basic, Pascal, Cobol.
From 1999 my small enterprise recycled printers cartridges.
2017 course of computer expert for the police of my city.
2018 enabled by the judiciary of my city to collaborate with the lawyers like computer expert
2018 Start with App Inventor, next Appy Builder, Thunkable and last the best framework Kodular


Oooo amazing…
Interesting and unique post of this thread :+1:

Yup its owsm as i have seen your grip on database when you helped me in mysql query issue and learned a lot from you
Thanks :blush:

MAY u succeed in every step and every filed of life

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Why not try to made games for yourself mean publish them from your play console acount and have a good living out of it

U r an inspiration for me to learn java and develop extensions and now m on the way :wink:

Thanks for sharing this useful article

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@vknow360 shared Udemy’s course link with me to learn Java
I am learning it
He created Asymmetric Encryption extension after seeing my topic asking for it

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Qualification: Schooling

My skills ( other than Kodular ) :

JavaScript ( Full ( Front-end and Back-end ) )
Graphic Designing
Web Development
Python ( Just Fundamentals )

… and I love koding bcuz its fun and exciting.


I have been trying. With a family and a full time job I don’t have a lot of time. I was part of three different independent developer startups that didn’t get off the ground, so I figured app development is close enough. I’ve been working on Flutter and Dart along with developing using Kodular.