What is your qualification and experties and why are u koding?

Lets share your qualification and experties
And what’s the reason behind your koding here


I m from medical background but during this period i started learning koding with kodular :heart_eyes:
But after this became my hobby

Now m doing my BBIT bachlor of business and information technology from Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan

koding experties

Not an expert but moderate knowledge of firebase, mysql, customizable list views, screen managements

now its your turn


I’m pursuing B.C.A and i am first year student…
i love programming that’s why i’m here :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


B. C. A Stands for???

Bachelor of Computer Application…


I am doing Diploma in Computer Science Engeneering.
1st Year.
I started Koding as a hobby/interest during lockdown.
And also i am learning Android Studio.
And i think in future for sure i will be a Android Developer.


Ok, these questions are interesting, but no too personal info on the community, else @Peter! Sorry Peter, sorry. :sweat_smile:

So, I am, how told in my Profile, a school student in 9th grade. My personal

:thinking: not quite what you want to know, I think. but

I started with Scratch at the age of like 7 or smth. Then it became my hobby, to make things living out of nothing, just a bit knowledge of what’s ongoing in behind.

That changed in 2018, when i got a brand new PC where I instantly began to make Animation videos. Then I discovered MIT AI2, and loved it. Afterwards, in 2020, (see profile) i came to :kodular: and liked it a thousands of times more (sorry AI2, pls don’t take it abusive :sweat_smile:)

Aaand here I am.



Primary school, that’s it
I kode for fun.

Other than Kodular:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Python

Qualification: I’m in the 11th grade.

Expertise: I’ll be modest; I’m not comfortable calling myself an expert on anything but procrastination. My coding skills other than Kodular-specific ones are:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML + CSS
  • Some shell scripting
  • Googling (as an aid to aforementioned skills and also as a means of accomplishing other stuff)

Why am I koding here? Well… I just love to kode. :smiley: Although I do want to learn more to make apps in traditional IDEs as well… There really isn’t anything wrong with using Kodular. With Kodular I can execute ideas quickly (except purely logic-based problems, which I prefer to solve in Python) and efficiently. Blockly has some tolerance for loose typing, which allows crazy stuff to be done. :joy:

Kodular is the fastest way to deploy an idea into production. And once you know what you’re doing, and have sorted out your extension collection… The limits start to melt away. :wink: I have a reputation for doing crazy stuff with Kodular, and jumping head-first into untested territory. :rofl:

One of the biggest reasons I have stuck to Kodular has to be the awesome community. The Team is full of awesome people, and there are many awesome Koders I have met thanks to Kodular. :slight_smile:

So… Yeah. I hope that answered your question. :smile:


I like to see the versatility in the community.

I am working as a Test Automation Engineer i.e. I write code to let my computer do the work for me. :wink:

I love coding hence i am here. Every now and then when i saw new features getting introduced or someone showcases they good works i tried to do that as well.

I am part of this drag and drop community since past 6 years or so when we started from App Inventor, then Appy Builder, Now Kodular.

Forgot to mention i am the founder of www.schoolnxg.com


I have no experience of Python but once i heard that its not especially for mobile apps
If someone wants to develop apps then its a little different method
Is it true?? If yrs then what’s the process a litte description!!!

I think it’s impossible to make Android apps in Python.

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Off-topic but actually you can :smile:


I don’t have any qualification, nor experties.
The reason I kode:
Like @Yoshi, I started with Scratch too, but I am a bit late. I started at the age of 10, go to some workshop, and most importantly it has to be examined at primary school for basic skills. I found out that I am interested in coding, but didn’t learn further.

Four months ago (which I am already in secondary school), my school started to teach thunkable and use thunkable as one of the school projects. I find it very interesting, so I code in thunkable. Later, when I find out the XThunkable doesn’t support extensions, I try to Google other coding platforms.

I found Kodular, and here I am :slight_smile:


Not impossible but there are ways to compile programs written in Python and apps can be made
May be @Kanishka_Developer explain it

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My only qualifications are that I finished school.

I have learnt MIT AI2, Thunkable Classic, and now Kodular. I am koding because I want to make amazing world class games using Kodular.


I am from Medical field.

I just completed my degree in Pharmacy.

I am very interested in technical, software and electronic fields.

But mistakenly, I choose my career in Medical field, as Bachelor of Pharmacy. But I am Topper here :wink:

I am very interested in Android Apps Development, so i am here.

I have enough knowledge about useful components of Kodular.

In future, i will learn Java and Android Studio and will make apps in it.


I want to learn it too, but my parents block me from installing other application. So I cannot install Android Studio.

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And that’s true. Python was not designed with mobile apps in mind. Nevertheless, you can make Android apps with Python, as linked by Yusuf.

What I meant was that I prefer to make Android apps in Kodular, and CLI stuff (that depends only on the logic, and doesn’t exactly need a UI) in Python. You can see me submitting Python solutions to Daily Challenges alongside Blockly adaptations. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know much about Python but I have read somewhere that now code written in Python can run on JVM or I should say Android.
Jython (previously known as JPython) makes it possible to run Python code on android by compiling python code to Java bytecodes that run directly on a Java Virtual Machine, or JVM

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I am a 10th standard UP Board student who loves maths and has chosen Science stream.

I don’t think I am an expert neither in app development nor in extension development. I am still kid and I think learning and education never end.So I am on an endless path of learning.

Actually the first thing I tried to do when I got internet access (at the age of 11 in 2016) was to build websites with GoDaddy and WordPress.Then due to lack of money and some other reasons (you can say it friends’ suggestion) I shifted to app development.But till then I was not aware of Kodular (Makeroid) and AI2 but was completely aware of thunkable.I made some simple apps there then somehow I found AI2 and AppyBuilder.I have used almost every distribution in these 3 years.But when I got to know about and saw Kodular for first time I was astonished and from then I love it very much.I don’t want to leave it not only because of its features but also because of friendly staff and member of this community.