What kind of storage for my shoppinglist and how to get data in a list so that it looks good

Hi. I’m having trouble figuring out what kind of storage-options I should use for my project. I’m making a family app for me and my family, and I want to have the possability to make a shoppinglist.

I know how to make it with TinyDB, but I want it to be stored in a DB online e.g. firebase or a spreadsheet so that when I, or my wife adds something it will show in app on both phones.

I know the basics of firebase and spreadsheet, but I don’t know how to make it into a list the way I want, also with the possability to delete when taken into basket in the shop.

I will share a picture, hope you’ll understand and maybe some of you can lead me in the right direction of where to start, maybe show some example blocks if possible.