What method is used in AES-128 encryption (Cryptography component)

I need send AES-128 encrypted string from server (php) on the android client. I tried different versions of encryption AES-128 in PHP, but when decoding on the client receives an empty string. What could be the problem?

Which AES-128 method should be used?
[0] => AES-128-CBC
[1] => AES-128-CFB
[2] => AES-128-CFB1
[3] => AES-128-CFB8
[5] => AES-128-OFB

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Maybe show what you did in php and in blocks?

PHP side:
$string = “test_encoded_string”;
$encode_key = “0123456789ABCDEF”;
return openssl_encrypt($string,“AES-128-CBC”,$encode_key);

Android side:

TextBox1.text is empty value

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AES-128-ECB working method!

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