What shoud i do if an extension developer not responding after taking money?

I buy an extension from a extension developer , i just paid him…he i send him screen shot in the same day…
He saw that msg in next day evening…he told me he will send me the extension when he reach home.

But i am waiting from 2 days no response…from his side…:weary::disappointed_relieved:

The developer may have forgot to send the extension or he/she may be still away from home. If the developer holds the account in community, then try to PM again or if you have any of developer’s personal contact then you can also try to send a reminder again. You may get reply. :+1:

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@Latest_viral do what @Vaibhav said
But in case if he didn’t respond to your messages
Then share, your payment screenshot (by hiding personal and third party details ) and your messages along with his name or identity , here.
So that others may remain safe from such cheaters.

no offense but it should be stopped if someone cheats… He must be banned from community too.

just a recommendation for saving time and money of our beloved koders


this is the 4th night i am waiting for my extension…my project is stuck…i am just waiting for my extension…but no response from him…

@Aditya_Singh, do you have anything to say about this? Please reply to your customer. We try to have a trusted community here and this kind of things doesn’t help. If you can’t send the file, at least communicate with the user and let them know.


I buy this extension :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I’m sorry that you didn’t get what you paid for, but Why do you need an extension for that? Isn’t that something you can do with standard blocks?


I think if he didn’t reply with in one week then @mods should take serious action like first warning and then banning from community.
And there should be a separate topic for this
Where users can share such information and there must be a list of such cheaters.


@Aditya_Singh last seen is 19 hours ago, I believe he has been ignoring your message


I need a countdown when user close the app then also it should work…i know i can get that thing by block coding…but in that block coding have lots off block… but extension is simple n 2 to 3 block can make it happen…


Sorry everyone for the inconvenience specifically @Latest_viral. Actually I was out of station so I couldn’t get free time to open the community. I will send him the extension today.

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I have sent the extension to the customer. Sorry guys.

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As I expected :point_down:

@Latest_viral Can you confirm that you have received the extension? If you confirm it, then we can close this discussion.

Also, @Aditya_Singh if a customer pays you, its your duty to provide the service immediately to the customer who has paid for it.
This will only avoid the unnecessary misunderstanding and will futher maintain the transparency. From next time, keep this in mind before accepting money from customer.


Don’t take the payment until you have extension with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fully your falt…
point 1 ) …you should inform me if you are out of station…clearly …

point 2 ) …if u saw my msg you should response

point 3 )…if extension is not with you why u ask for payment…or send me payment link…for payment

And yes i got the extension… …but after waiting few days…without knowing i will get my extension or not…
Any way thanks…you was late of 4 to 5 days but you gave so thanks.

Yes @Aditya_Singh has admitted his mistake and is sorry for the same. Now knowing that you have received the extension for which you paid for, I request Moderators to close this topic hoping everything is settled down.