What should we do if someone cheats us in community

I want to ask if someone cheats us through community
Like for example he is selling an extension or app but he did not provide the original thing that he showed at the time of sell
Then should we talk about it in the community or not??? I think its not a against rules and regulations because its kinda help
Because it will be very helpfull if others get safe from the experience of one person.
Its just my personal openion i don’t know the community rules about this because its not mentioned in rules and regulations (if i am not wrong)
Please @Kodular @Mderators provide some information about this so that we can follow that principals

Note:I am not pointing towards anyone its just a common question which may be very helpful for the whole community if there are some rules about this topic.


Now, this is something else. This not cheeky or rude. A good idea to write a whole topic about this, I think many people will profit through this.


Thanku for appreciation

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Haha, welcome.


I suggest you and everyone to use those services which can refund your money like PayPal (although I haven’t used it)


@vknow360 thanku for your reply and guidlines
but @kodular store does not support buy and sells system?? so that we can do our transections easily and more comfortably
because in some countries there is no Paypal at all
so we need a proper solution which is that kodular should provide a market place for this.