What site was Makeroid.io made with?

What was makeroid made with… Not the language but, site… if any?

I think this is ported version of App Inventor but with lot more features and new look.

I think he means the actual site not builder. Well it’s ready to make a website when using a framework like Materialize (which they are probably using). You can choose it yourself just learn HTML CSS and JavaScript programming and you are good to go. Btw I think that Makeroid actually has open sourced their site on GitHub. Tell me if I am wrong about that.


You think that’s so much open source word you used?? :joy::rofl::+1::+1:

Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know this. This is probably happened because I don’t type with keyboard but use glide typing which tries to guess what you wrote by sliding.


You are right. This is a link to our website