What would you prefer?

Hello everyone :wave:

I’m thinking of making an app.
I have 2 ideas…
So I’m confused which one to choose.

  1. In which you can upload your videos and see others’ (just like Tik-Tok)…

  2. In which you can share your experiences, thoughts, stories, or anything else which you’ve written like Songs etc. Also you will get points if your posts are liked. (You can use audio or text to represent your thoughts)…

Which one would you prefer:

  • 1
  • 2

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Thanks a lot and a Happy New Year :heart:

2ND ONE IS BEST . cuz we have new covid so we need to contact in that way but its similar like whatsapp
there are tiktok apps in india
disdash from kodular


TikTok is already a thing. Creating something more robust and personal to the user would be better IMO.


It’s banned in our country​:sweat_smile:

so get moji,etc are by our country