What wrong with gsheet

i create random number, store in tinydb, put random number on gsheet, and check if tag tinydb have on gheet and active pro user.
it work very well, suddenly this afternoon (17h00 26/09/2022) the user reported that he could not activate pro,
i dont change anythings (scripts, sheets name, sheet ID …), i checked my app and i can’t activate pro for myself, i uninstalled and reinstalled it also failed, i dont understand what’s wrong …

Is it printing in gsheet, the random number

sure, after create random number, i store it in tinydb, and put it to gsheet, i’ve re-try your aia file (Help me with find data in gsheet - #3 by PH_M_DUY_HOANG) it seem dont work anymore … i’ll will re-try again …


But the suggested method is to find the matching value from gsheet and not to save in gsheet. If possible can you share your blocks

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when random number store in tinyDB, i set it to label.text, user send it to me, and i put on gsheet by myself, when i test, it work, and i update it on GOOGLE PLAY, it still work, and this afternoon (17h00 26/09/2022) it dont work …

found your problem… Pls set like this in gsheet and test… then let me know

Set the whole colum as Plain Text and try

(Sorry for copy paste. Inorder to test) Do not use the same sheet in your app. Better use demo sheet while sharing or looking for answer… I have tested web the url and found working

(PS. No need to change the blocks in app)

image (looking only number)

image (looking alpha numeric)

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it work - thank you very much @Still-learning

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