What's after getting the app approved for monetization? How do I link my Bank account or actually start showing adds

Can’t find any tutorial on what to do after the app has been approved for monetization, i have got all the add componant in the app itself but currently they are showing test and no actual app is showing even if any add s shown. I can’t find where to track them or connect to PayPal.

The app is not publish on the playstore

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What have you done? Show your blocks etc.

Have you made your admob and adsense account. You have to add your bank details there.

  1. Build project
  2. Apply for approval from Kodular*
  3. Set up your ad codes
  • not necessary if app is on Google Play.

I made the app, got kodular approval, made an admob account and added a banner they gave me 2 ids:one is called app id, which I found no use to so far, the other is ad unit ID, which i placed in kodular ad id properties(there was an id there by default and I replaced it)
so far no ads are showing

this is how my blocks look

this is where i got my ad unit id from admob site and where i placed it on Kodular

The blocks look ok.

Use the “ad failed to load” block to see the problem.

Sometimes ads don’t show on new apps. Admob usually want a decent number of instals and daily active users before it’s worth them showing ads on an app.