Whats app group links opening error

Help needed Devs ,
i have search in this community and thunkable too. But, unable to find answer.

So, here is the problem ,

Whenever i tried to open those links it says Web page loading failed or etc. ( exact error shown in Video ).

But, instead opening in web viewer i want to open those link in Whats App.

And here are my blocks ,

blocks (36)

So, what am i missing.

Is that link working have you tried it.
Try opening the link in browser.

Second suggestions : use the data uri block before action.

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thank you for early reply mayur.

But, i have tried opening it in external browser and it works fine. But, i want to open Whats App Application in users phone whenever it clicks on that link.

thank you @boban . i found this in some thread too. but , here is the catch when i open that extention link.


perfect as always . thank you so much @Boban

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