What's happening in community?

Hey Koders
I am here because I have seen that many new and old users not behaving in community right because I visited some topics and there are some users replied correctly but thread creator don’t mark them as solution this is also happened with me 3-4 times and because they don’t mark as solution the topic will not close.


Agree with you, maybe they don’t know about marking as solution , but we are doing our best to help everyone , not for there solution marking or thanks etc, we are doing because it feels good to help others, even they don’t care or say thanks, at least they are learning and i hope soon they will learn,


This is not new.
Sometimes we don’t get what we deserve.
That’s why here are Moderators and sometimes ProKoders.
ProKoders and Moderators can mark a post as solution even own posts and keep community as it should be.