What's the limit of block in procedure? (DX execution failed)

I wanted to ask if there’s limitation about blocks number in one procedure. I deal with DX execution problem and I found the solution - I have to “delete” some number of blocks in my procedure. It doesn’t matter which section of my procedure I delete, app build will succes. So I conclude it’s a number of blocks problem.

It’s hard to migrate some block of my procedures to next one, because it cause mess in my code as the function is complicated.

Is there anyone here who met the same problem? Is it just the limitation of kodular build engine?

how does your procedure look like? any screenshot?
Concerning DX execution failed generally there is SteveJG’s monster list https://groups.google.com/d/msg/mitappinventortest/fLiMEfPh09Q/1Ia0AaQEXogJ


It would be nice if all these blocks could be held under one procedure as it is easier for me to navigate trough my blocks at the test stage.

But only removing some blocks (no matter which one) makes my app able to compile. Removing different parts of apps doesn’t make the dx error disappear.

EDIT: I forgot to say, I read every topic about DX execution failed error, and I know the SteveJG’s monster list as I encountered on that error many times.

It looks like a few nested IF/ELSE in nested iterations + creating local variables is too much for the compiler.

I just want to know if anyone knows the limitations of the compiler which operates partially on a server.

wow… that’s really a monster procedure… I’m impressed… are you sure, you are still able to understand what it is doing after a few weeks? :wink:

what about just splitting it into 2 procedures?

there is no fix limit… but it looks like you found it…


Hehe, you know it’s nothing special :smiley:. I have some much bigger and more, more complex ones and I still manage to operate on it pretty fast. But it’s strange this “tiny” procedure (comparing to others of mine) makes compiler fail.

And thanks to you I can keep complicated math formulas in external database. MathParser extension is a monster!