Whats The Meaning Of Defer In Community

Whats The Meaning Of Defer In Community Screenshot_20190401_141928

It related to postpone or something like watch later

mark topic as as unread


are u write?


But We Read Topic The Sytem Then Knows The We Read So What The Need Of Unread Button And It Is In The Topic Not Outside I Think It Is Not The Write Meaning That You Know

@Diego Tell Us Whats The Write Meaning Of It And I Can’t See My Invite Button In Any Topic Instead Of Defer

It is the right meaning

probably you would like to read the current post later

How can you mark a post as unread without reading it ??:thinking:

Its Automatically happend by the system

Probably Any of Kodular Staffs can help you…

i already mentioned @Diego In My Post

I think he’s gonna give you the same answer

lets see what he says

Don’t tag peoples

i don’t tag him i want to take helo from him because i can’t invite anyone

Okk then pm him

can u tell me what’s the right meaning of it

Personal message to diego