What's this box?

I know this will sound dumb and funny, but what do you call this box?

what is this.

Sometimes its there, sometimes its not.
How do you make it appear and disappear?

I’ve checked on “Help” tab then “Show keyboard shortcuts”, it’s not there.
I would have searched for it here but I don’t know what it’s called.

Let me just quote this here since it looks like it’s my keyboard’s problem.

It is a search text box for blocks.

You can use it to search a specific block and directly drag it.

To open this search box directly type block name on keyboard, it will open.

yes it comes in handy at times
…but it is open even when I’m not typing anything. I don’t know how to close it.

Try to press ‘esc’ key to close that search box


I’ve tried hitting Esc. it disappears but re-appears right away.

I thought it might be my keyboard since I’m using an external keyboard for my laptop.
I removed my external keyboard and hit Esc in my laptop’s built in keyboard and it worked.

Thank you.

Conclusion: The problem must be my external keyboard if not a kodular bug when using external keyboard.

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