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I’ve noticed today that all builders (AppyBuilder, thunkable, & Makerioid) have no SSL on the builder domain. Is there something going on that all of us should worry about? Last time I saw Makeroid before this, I was on HTTP and it didn’t show: NOT SECURE.

We never had ssl on builder…
Because the companion does not work current with https.
And this is for every builder the same.

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But, didnt it used to work for every other builder?

App Inventor: no https
Thunkable: no https
Appy Builder: no https

You can check it by yourself.
And yes it was never other. No builder used in the past https.
And as I said the reason is the companion does not works with it.

You can use Makeroid Builder over https, but then you cant use the companion. @Diego is trying to make https work with the companion


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