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Dear sir, I create WhatsApp open chat app first its working good but some time it’s not working properly please check this app and send me suggestion thanks aia attached
OpenChat.aia (897.9 KB)

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please show blocks. Everyone is here don’t wanna download & import aia.

Please check blocks pic

may be their is problem with you api…

Use Only These Blocks And Remove Extra Blocks

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Dear sir if we want to open whatsapp business then?

It Will Be Redirect As Prompt And User Can Select WhatsApp Business

But this block open whatsapp directly

No This Block Will Redirect As Prompt If User Have Whatsapp And Whatsapp For Business Then User Can Manually Select Which One He Want

I You Want To Open Only WhatsAppBusiness The Add

ActivityPackage: com.whatsapp.w4b

where we add this

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we found this error

Show Me Your Block

When Screen Initialize

Set Activity Starter Action To

When Button Click

Set Activity Starter Data URL
Call Activity Starter Start Activity

remove action

Same Error

Something Will Be Wrong Will Your Block , I Will Sent You AIA Shortly

ok sned me aia