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How can I define webview to open specified link to external app.

E.g. I configured my webview to open external app, but i discovered even my main website pages all linked to chrome, whereas, I only want Whatsapp and facebook to link to respective apps.

Who have an idea of what I can do???

I’m not sure if the translator translated what you wrote correctly … try using the activity commands (on the play market launcher activity app)

I need help to open only Whatsapp to external app and not all links on my webview

Use custom webviewer extension and follow this

Thanks, I’ll try

Pkalyan, I tried that above method, it’s still the same result.

  1. Do I have to enable external link in webview
  2. Where do I get to disable multiple window?

I think u didnt tried custom webview extension

Thanks Pkalyan. I did, may be not the right way

I have a webview application, there’s a link to whatsapp which should open Whatsapp app.
When i enable webview external link, then all clicks on the app links to browser and whatsapp link appropriately to whatsapp/.

But the problem is other non external links open in external browser…
My question is… How can I make only Whatsapp open the app whereas, other (internal links) opens on webview and not chrome


U can find it in custom webview blocks

Many thanks to you Pkalyan

First u need to set custom webview properly to open and display webpage

In designer options enable deeplinks

And set multi window false in custom webview blocks
blocks (6)

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Thanks, I’ll try that right away.

I’m happy there’s progress. Here’s the update
Now all internal pages load, but the Whatsapp link does not load.

After clicking the Whatsapp button, nothing happens.

Thanks for the support.

Try this
Whatsapp.aia (68.4 KB)

Better to share your website link to check from my side

Import project from computer

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A million thanks to you. It works fine now. YOU MADE MY DAY with this solution provided…
I really do appreciate you @ pKalyan

If problem solved,Mark it as solution , so that others can find solution easily

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