Whatsapp Status Saver Pro new version - Paid aia

App Name: Whatsapp Status Saver Pro

Platform: Kodular


  1. Sidebar with home, share this app, rate us, privacy policy, contact us and exit
  2. Check Whatsapp status from Whatsapp, Whatsapp Business, Yo Whatsapp and Gb Whatsapp
  3. No need to check Whatsapp status in Whatsapp automatic get all WhatsApp status
  4. Show image and Video status in Grid View according to the shape of the image
  5. Play, Pause Video
  6. Download and Share Image, Video Status
  7. Test Ads
  8. Great Ui

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Price: 150 Rs for India and 3 Dollar for other countries.

Note: After payment is done, the download aia file page is visible then download Zip file from this page and Extract it. The Zip File has aia file, Apk and a txt file with app setup instructions.

If You want to buy aia file then it available on www.aiafileforthunkable.com

Developed by Ajdeveloper, Nanday and aiacart


Is the App Safe to Publish to Playstore?

video status thumbnail is not showing can you fix it and increase the Aia file price

Thank you we provide update soon

Aia file updated on site now the thumbnails problem is solved.

Could you please tell how did choose the directory of GB and YO whatsapp

not displaying any status images and videos after installing

i have purchased this app 3hrs before

Exactly After kodular Update This Issue Is Appearing …I request to Developer Please Update The The App As Soon As Possible

Same Issue WhatsApp Status Thumbnail Not Working Not Even Video Images Showing Please Update Aia I Purchased This Aia Two Time On Your Words That You Had Updated and Solve This Issue Still Facing Same Issue …No One Can Use This