WhatsApp Video Status app aia file free download for kodular or makeroid

App: WhatsApp Video Status

Description: This aia file work in makeroid or kodular and we can create a WhatsApp status app with this aia file. The app has a simple splash screen with slider menu. The app shows the home, trending section and categories section. The home contains the new videos uploaded to the app, the trending section contains the trending videos in the app and the categories section has the number of categories such as love, sad and funny category etc. The slider menu has home, rate us, share the app, privacy policy and exit buttons. When clicking on any video the new screen open in the app that shows video player, video download and share button. The app also shows the related videos below the video player. The app is fully dynamic and created with airtable.

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Credit goes : aiafileforthunkable.com and Tech Developer

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