Whatsapp: Webview Problem

The link is in a website:
Example: https://wa.me/?text=Ich%20bin%20an%20der%20Wohnung%20interested

After clicking on the link in Webview-App !!! the whatsapp app should open and the user can select and send the recipient himself.

I only find examples of a button solution in the help, but that’s wrong for me.

Where can I inform myself ?
Translated with Google

Translated with Google

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Are you trying to figure out something like Click to Chat?

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Use ActivityStarter to launch other apps.


Where is:
ActivityStarter WhatsApp?
do I need an extension?

this is an ActivityStarter component, which has been renamed to ActivityStarterWhatsApp
How to start Whatsapp/send a message with Whatsapp

not necessarily, but there are som e available, too, see the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

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Now I’m totally wrong …
Whatsapp now always starts although no link has been clicked yet
a move to page loaded also starts whatsapp

this is how you programmed it… Activity Starter2 starts always…

Computer sind immer nur so intelligent, wie der, der davor sitzt!


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