WhatsTexter App

Text in your language !

India is a country of many languages.
WhatsTexter App allows you to whatsapp your message in many Indian languages.
You may type message or speak message in your language and can convert to other languages by just pressing one button, and WhatsApp it to any contact

You can also listen the converted message in selected language.
WhatsTexter is the best tool while on tour of unknown places. This App is a simple language conversion tool also.
WhatsTexter bridges the language gap.
WhatsTexter is one of the perfect marketing tool !

Download now its easy to use and FREE !


App Store/Download link:

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I won’t be downloading this as I have no need for it. However, it sounds like a good idea and I hope it works out well for you. It’s always great breaking down communication barriers and connecting people who otherwise would never speak to each other.

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