When adding any firebase components, App will crashed

Guys, when I add the Firebase Remote Config component, the application immediately crashes, which is why it is connected

Show what error is coming

show your screen 1 initialisation block

Dont have screen 1 blocks

Then what you did in Screen 1 ? :face_with_monocle:

Can you share aia

please share the blocks of screen 1 or splash screen

There are no blocks on the first screen, so there is a timer, when the timer runs, Screen2 opens, when I add Firebase components, even Screen 1 is not displayed.

No this is a official application M Services

can you explain us properly ? if possible show us timer blocksÔÇŽ

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recheck your timer, if that was set on always on fire the set them to false.

The timer block does not play any role, when I remove the Firebase components, the application turns on for me, it works fine, and when I add the components, the Firebase application immediately closes when it is opened

@Muhammet_Idrisov Try creating a new project in firebase and add that app to the new project.
Also remove previous google-services.json file and insert new google-services.json file to the assets.

Hope it can work !!!

Dont working