'When Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click'

Hi there,
Is there a guide on using the block: ‘When Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click’ ?

  • I have a few arrangements that I want to handle without having to use lots of clickable arrangement blocks and wondered if I can get any help on intercepting the individual arrangement clicks?

Long click is when you hold the area of the clickable component down. (clickable component is any component that has “clickable” enabled)

Thanks Cian - I do understand the concept, just want to see an example of how this block is used with several horizontal arrangements together. Does anyone have anything they can share or point me to - I’d like to understand how this is setup with a list of horizontal arrangements and intercept each individual arrangement being pressed (long Clicked).

The Long Click will only show in the boundries of the arrangment.

So if you have

H1 inside H2, If you longclick within H1 it will act as if H1 was clicked, even though it is inside H2. H2 will only activate if you click an area of H2, that does not have another clickable object at the coordinates you click.

If you do not make H1 clickable, but you do make H2 clickable, then if you longclick H1, it should activate H2.

Ok good to know, but are ther any examples for using the ‘When Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click’ - can anyone help with an example covering 2 or more arrangements and the Any block When Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click’.
Thanks MMB.

Test it out.

Nest a few together, and use the click options to change the background colour so you know what it does.

I’ve already tried Cian - ‘unsuccessfully’, hence my request for some help and an example.

  • if anyone can help me or point me to an example where using the ‘When Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click’ - with several arrangements (one above the other) being covered by just one block (When Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click’).


A simple project, try it HorizontalArrangementLongClick.aia (2.3 KB)



That’s great. Thanks Boban. I’ve had a little look at the .aia and that that explains quite a bit - even though I’m checking this on a mobile phone at the moment.
I’ll check this out properly a bit later when I’m back in front of a PC. Once again, thanks for this.