When any image long click show options menu

When I press long click on any image how can i open that dialog?


use this block

from where i can get this block? it is not available in image component


drag long click block and click make generic

I used this component and i am able to show like this

But i want to show like this

You can make it from Notifier component, Use the block named

Increase the height of the each labels

Using it when I click on image it will always open in middle of screen and it’s big also .
When I click on image I want to show small dialog,near image which is clicked by user

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Yes exactly, try it out

You could try this extension :

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Maybe it can be used combined with [FREE] Component tools extension in order to get x,y position of each image when clicked

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We can get x and y positions of component from the above extension :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t notice it :slight_smile: Nice !

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