When Back Pressed on Keyboard, do some actions

Hello Coders, I am making an app where I need OTP Verification so when the Keyboard is back pressed, the previous text box needs to get focus. So how can I do that? Please help me with this… Thank you

Did you tried this ?
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no, when the back button on keyboard is pressed. not the screen back press.

this back press. to erase something written in textbox

Try something like this

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ok thanks trying

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not working

wait i am making same thing let me try this :wink:

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there is only one solution I have to make a in app keyboard.

Wait every thing is possible

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tell how you have created this?

@none Here is your solution :wink:
pinTextBox.aia (3.3 KB)

it is working but not nicely. user will face problem while using the app. is there any extension of keyboard where we can code “when keyboard. back_pressed” something like this.

@none Here
Full Logic

Here is video Also

thank you very much it helped me

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